Dikgabane Primary School
Address: 239 Tshithuthune Street Chiawelo Ext 3 Soweto
Partnership date: 17 November 2021
School Roll:

Dikgabane Primary School is the third school in Soweto to acquire a library and the resource centre from the Trust. On the day of our first visit which is always spontaneous, we found a clean room with the books properly packed on the shelves. Dikgabane is one of the few schools that had a functional school library. The school grounds are well taken care of and the classrooms are clean. The principal and her deputy were ecstatic to receive this good news, that they were among the chosen schools to be sponsored by the Trust.

The renovations and all preparations started in September 2021, most of the books that were in the old library were covered, barcoded, and packed to form part of the new library stock. The school management team was equally thrilled to hear about the reading programme that comes standard with the partnership. They realized that their hard-working staff would now have more resources and support that would enhance their teaching programme.

The library and resource centre was ready to be hand-over by the 17th of November 2021. Since we still had to observe safety measures, the function was attended by the district officials, principals from the neighbouring schools, the School Governing Body, the school management team, and a few of the older learners.

We are looking forward to having a good working relationship with the school and seeing the learners from Chiawelo reaching the highest heights.