John Orr Technical High School
Address : Corner Owl & Empire Roads Auckland Park JOHANNESBURG
Partnership Date : 2010
School Roll 2021: 829

John Orr Technical High School in Milpark, Johannesburg, took its first breath circa 1920, although it was inaugurated much later in 1960. It opened as a trade school, but of late operates as a school of excellence with a strong technical and academic bent.

In 2010 it was identified by Imperial Technical Training College as an institution from where future technicians could be sourced for the company’s motor division. An appeal was made to our trustees to assist with infrastructural improvements to their mechanical and electrical engineering centres.

The funds were provided by Imperial Technical Training Centre and used to revamp completely both these workshops:

  • Walls were painted
  • Floors resurfaced and painted with workshop quality paint
  • Engines and consumable parts donated, and
  • A car (you read it right!) was donated to allow for practical work and training

Our attention was drawn to the school’s lack of a suitable library and study center; this motivated the trustees to step in, and the school now boasts a library which is open from 07h30 to 16h00 daily. It is staffed by Imperial and Motus, with a collection of 7000 books to foster reading, promote literacy and benefit research projects.  Computers in the center assist with project-based activities and revision through on-line test papers.

The library was subsequently upgraded with new shelving, flooring, furniture and additional books in 2015.