Reamohetsoe Primary School
Address : 3459 Drieziek Extension One ORANGE FARM
Partnership Date: 28 February 2018
School Roll: 1003

Reamohetsoe Primary School was initially identified in 2015 as a suitable school for an Imperial and Motus library and resource center. The school was however undergoing administrative changes at the time – a new management team was being appointed. The trustees  decided to wait for the appointments to be settled before approving an investment for a library.  

The appointment of a permanent principal was only finalised in 2017 and the renovation process commenced immediately thereafter.

February 2018 witnessed the handover of a fully equipped library to Reamohetsoe Primary School.  This library takes the honour of recording the largest number of children visiting an Imperial and Motus library on a Saturday and over school holidays. The numbers are usually more than the library can cope with. Groups thus rotate between using the books and playing outside games. Additional staff members are also allocated to this school during these periods.