Stretford Primary School
Address: Ext 8 ORANGE FARM
Partnership Date: 26 June 2014
School Roll 2021: 1081

Stretford Primary School is situated a stone’s throw from Tshepana Primary School. Interestingly, in the afternoons and on Saturdays, learners from this school were keen to ’gate crash’ Tshepana’s resource centre.

The library at Tshepana was unfortunately not big enough to accommodate learners from other schools hence these children had to be excluded. The matter was addressed with the trustees who decided to allocate funding to establish a resource centre for Stretford Primary.  

The room the school allocated was way too small. The extensions and additions were unavoidable, and included the following:

  • Extending the building by incorporating adjacent into the existing classroom
  • Replacing ceilings and flooring
  • Rewiring and replacing electrical fittings
  • Providing furniture and shelving
  • Creating a further extension to store learner bags while they attend the library
  • IT equipment and computers for both learner and teacher usage
  • Upgrading security
  • Providing 7000 books of various genres

After the handover of the centre, the natural fear that learners’ enthusiasm would weaken, failed to materialise. To date, the library at Stretford remains one of the best utilized centres in the Imperial portfolio.