Thabeng Primary School
Address: 24/25 Kent Road Evaton Central
Partnership date: 7 April 2022
School roll: 783

Our first site inspection of the school in May 2021 brought home a well-run institution. Effective management, a sense of order and purpose, and cleanliness were the give-away checkboxes that caught our eyes. The principal and the deputy principal were excited to learn that Thabeng Primary was to be one of the schools identified to receive an Imperial and Motus library.

The school had a room already identified for a  library and resource centre. Renovation started in February 2022, and by the end of March, the library and resource centre was completed and ready for the official handover. 

The library was handed over to the Department of Basic Education and the school community on 7 April 2022, bringing the total number of libraries to 59.

The much-vaunted library handover was attended by district officials, governing body members, members of the trustees, principals from the neighbouring schools, members of the school management, and a few learners.