Windmill Park Primary School
Address: 3253 East Central Drive Windmill Park Boksburg
Partnership Date: 02 February 2022
School roll : 2135

Our first site check-up of the school was through our customary unannounced visit on 09 February 2021. What emerged from the visit was that the school was well-run, with effective management and a sense of order and purpose.

Since we had already completed the 2021 group of libraries for handover, we decided that this would be our first 2022 library as a back-to-school gift for Windmill Primary School. Windmill Park marks the Trust’s 55th library and number 11 of the libraries sponsored by Hyundai.

The school had already identified two rooms for a library and resource centre. The team started with the renovation in November 2021 and was complete by January 2022.

The library was handed over to the school on 02 February 2022 in a beautiful function organized by Trust and the Hyundai team. The district director and her team, school governing body, Trustees, the CEO of Hyundai SA and his team, and the school principals of the neighbouring schools attended this wonderful event – not even Omicron could dampen the spirit of delight and celebration.