Board games

Board games

For generations and in many cultures, board games have kept people entertained in all types of conditions: under trees, by firesides, on trains and in parks. Board games call on a combination of skill, timing and pure luck.

Seizing on this fun factor, Imperial libraries have been supplied with a range of board games: 30 Seconds, chess and checkers, junior and senior Monopoly, Scrabble, puzzles and compendiums of games.

The Board Games Challenge is hosted annually for learners to pit their skills against competitors from other schools. Programmes may change each year but there remains a selection process to identify the best players at schools, especially in games demanding skills such as Travellator, Scrabble, Rummikub puzzle construction, and chess and checkers.

Once players have been selected the event takes place at two venues, to cater for four learners representing each school.

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