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South Africa is a most unequal society, its citizens experiencing widely contrasting lives socioeconomically – from the desperately poor multitudes to the insanely wealthy, with a shrinking middle-class in the centre, all this disproportion within the borders a single country. A great many of us, ensconced in decent upwardly mobile lifestyles, are worlds away from the challenges and hardships faced by the majority of our compatriots who eke out a bare existence, forced into poverty and living on the fringes of runaway unemployment and quiet desperation. Yet many are still hopeful of a better life, graced with unquenchable good will, and hungry for contact with their fellow South Africans across the divide.

With this in mind, our Trust offers team-building opportunities where we provide hands-on programmes for corporates to team-build with our partner schools, children and teachers from the township communities we proudly call home.

Such school visits offer a valuable opportunity for your staff to work with one of our partner schools in the township for a few hours or a day or longer. It’s a chance to build relationships, to understand, to engage with others; to help with a school project, paint a classroom, repair windows, play with kids, kick or toss a ball, braai some sausages, all within the purview of building your understand the plight of disadvantaged communities, to provide staff with a platform to contribute in kind, in uplifting communities and in making the forgotten learners feel important, even for a day.

Should your team be interested in this initiative, please contact our Trust management team.

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